YogaTherapeutics - Marma points


It is believed that, the Buddhist monks that traveled from India all around the world, brought Ayurveda and yoga therapy (Chikitsa) to China and this is how acupuncture evolved from the old Marma-therapy. Similar to the acupuncture, stimulating marma points (marmaṇi) enhances the flow of life energy (prana or qi). 
Marmani are specific locations on the body - areas where veins, arteries, bones, tendons, or joint intersect - where our mental and physical energies can be accessed.  
Located along the energy channels that prana flows through (nadis), these vulnerable points are used in Ayurveda and yoga therapy to promote body-mind communication and to transmit healing energy to organs and tissues. 
Sushruta (ancient Indian surgeon), describes marmaṇi according to the six major parts of the body (the four extremities, the trunk, the neck and the head) and in relation to the five principal components of the body's physical structures (sira-veins, mamsa- muscle, , snayus-ligaments, asthi-bone and sandhi-joints).

The marmaṇi on the scalp are connected to the brain and to organs situated in other parts of the body. Marmani-points on the chest and upper back are connected with the heart and lungs. The points on the lower back are connected with the kidneys, stomach, and the digestive organs. 
There are eight great marma points that are essential to life and they correspond to the greatest concentration of vital energy. Sushruta mentions that, injuries at these main points can disrupt the flow of prana, decreasing vitality and even causing life-threatening damage. These points are known as the sadyah pranahara marmaṇi: murdhani(crown), brahmarandhara (anterior to crown), shivarandhra(posterior to crown), ajna(third eye), shanka(right and left temple), hridayam(heart), nabhi (umbilicus), and guda(anus).

Murdhani - stimulates blood flow in the cerebral cortex and the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid. 

Brahmarandhara - relieves headache and optimizes the functioning of the pituitary gland. 

Shivarandhra - stimulates memory, calms the mind, and balances emotions. 

Ajna - benefits the eyes and nose, regulates hormones, and improves pituitary function. 

Shankha - strongly pacifies pitta, relieves stomach pain and excess acidity, improves speech. 

Griva - boosts circulation of plasma and lymphatic fluid, benefits the throat and thyroi.

Hridayn/heart - directs the healing energy of love to the heart. 

Nabhi - stimulates the agni (gastrointestinal digestive fire). 

Guda - balances strength, vitality, and stability.