Yoga and love making


Being holistic approaches, Yoga and Ayurveda take into consideration all aspects of a normal, happy and satisfying life. One of the things I like most about Ayurveda-Yoga is the interest in the quality of life. The purpose of AyurvedaYoga- therapeutics is not only to keep one alive, but to support and inspire one in building an enjoyable and balanced lifestyle.

For example, Ayurveda not only teaches about what foods to eat, as many wrongly believe, but offers very comprehensive guiding lines about living a fulfilling, healthy and productive life. 

When looking from this holistic point of view, one realizes that - actually - practicing yoga, loving life or simply making love with a significant one, have a lot in common. They are acts of love. They are mind-body-soul practices that encourage and enhance healing and growing. 

If it´  s only about surviving, one does not need yoga, neither sex. In order to stay alive, humans needs air, water, food, a shelter.... But when speaking about life quality, both - yoga and sex - are important. Sexuality-related problems can be as debilitating for mind and body as not moving enough. Look at all the diseases people are challenged with these days due to not moving enough, due to loneliness, due to socializing with the electronics instead of having relations with other human beings.... Sitting too much, moving too less, having not enough or not satisfying enough human relations makes one unhealthy and unhappy.

And probably you wonder how and why did I come with this yoga-sex analogy. Well, I am teaching yoga and Ayurveda in a language that is not my native one.

Teaching in other language makes one very creative. Not having the same amount of words in the vocabulary, as a native has, forces one to use the language in a very different way. When thinking about how to bring into my teaching the idea of yoga as an enjoyable and deeply healing practice, I realized that, comparing it with making love is probably one of the best ways to describe it. Yoga is an act of love for yourself. It really is a practice of mindfulness, heartfulness and empowerment.

As in making love, in yoga too, one needs a partner (yoga teacher) one can trust. A good yoga teacher is able to create a safe space, he/she knows when and where to touch and when to refrain from touching and he/she also knows when to speak and how to listen. As in making love, teaching and practicing yoga is not about speaking a lot, it´  s about feeling a lot! If too interested in sounding perfect or in looking picture-perfect, one experiences less elevated states of mind and less pleasure.

In yoga, as in making love too, one does not get more by explaining things with a lot of words, neither by looking picture-perfect in different positions. The more one cultivates awareness of what one feels in a pose, the more one focuses on mind-body connection, the more one lets go of overwhelming expectations, the more one enjoys it and gets a lot of benefits from it
It is not about what words you use to say "I go home", it is about arriving there. And by arriving there, I mean feeling home in your body, being present in your mind and fully enjoying the experience. By arriving "there", I mean practicing THE YOGA that really is healing, empowering and profoundly transformative.

Unfortunately, like sex, yoga has its own pornography-sector these days: the acrobatic, almost naked, makeup full yoga. But that is not yoga, don't be fooled! Exactly as porno-movies have nothing to do with a normal relation, nothing to do with making love and even nothing to do with cinematography, the commercial pictures of so called Instagram-yoga have nothing to do with the deeply spiritual, mind-body healing practice of YOGA.

As in the difference from having sex to making love, in yoga too, one needs to be lucky enough and wise enough and patient enough to find the right partner. Of course, just sex might be good enough for some people. It is, after all, a personal choice. But whoever experienced, at least once, a mind-blowing full body orgasm with a loved one, will definitely not settle for less! And it is the same with experiencing the real thing in yoga.

My first yoga teacher has been so amazing that I used years looking for another one like him in my new home country. I visited studio after studio, took group classes and private classes, tried all the different yoga-styles available locally, but found nothing as satisfying as what I experienced before. My first yoga teacher made an Ayurvedic healing practice and/or a yoga philosophy lesson from each asana he taught. I only realized how amazing he was, when noticing how difficult it was to find somebody able to offer the same quality of teaching. And I just could not settle for less, because I already knew what real yoga is.

Fortunately I am lucky enough and I travel enough. This combination made it possible for me to find, in time, gifted teachers to study with and to build a holistic style of teaching for myself. And I put my mind, heart and soul into offering enriching experiences, because - in yoga, as in making love too - what makes a difference is the intention. The intention you practice with and the intention of your teacher, when teaching you. Mine is to enable students to befriend their bodies, to be aware of their own truth and to feel enriched by their practice.

What about yours? What is your WHY, when choosing a practice, when choosing a partner, when taking a new step towards loving yourself more? What is your intention, when touching a loved one? What is your intention, when "arriving" in a new asana? What is your intention, when embodying a state of mind?