Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy


What a yoga therapist can do for you ?

A yoga therapist is not an acute care specialist. If you have an acute condition, DO go and ask advice from a medical doctor. Your MD is the only one entitled to diagnose your condition and/or prescribe you drugs.

However, when your situation is stable, a yoga therapist is the one to help you make better choices - from the way you use your body, to the way you use your mind. When ready to upgrade your life style, with a yoga therapist on your side, sure enough you will make smart, positive choices.

What to expect, when having a yoga therapy consultation? A good yoga therapist has Ayurveda & yoga training and experience. Based on that, he/she assesses always at least five dimensions, before offering you an individual treatment plan.

  1. Ayurvedic overview: your dosha, your nature (prakriti) and possible imbalances (vikriti)
  2. Structural dimension: posture in sitting-walking-standing, body alignment, patterns of muscular overwork/weakness, symmetry/asymmetries in your body.
  3. Nervous system: stress level, sympathetic - parasympathetic systems working in harmony or not, breathing patterns, etc
  4. Psychological dimension: mood regulation, inner dialogue, mental properties (gunas - rajasic, tamasic, satvic type)
  5. Spirituality: inner equilibrium, compassion, joy, discipline, meaningfulness. According with scientific research, the people that have an active spiritual life heal faster and better. A spiritual lifestyle means experiencing a sense of meaning in life, awareness, consciousness.

A yoga therapy treatment-plan is unique, individualized and flexible. It will include body postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation and lifestyle guiding. Any condition, even a structural one, is always a multidimensional experience and can be balanced only with a holistic approach. The yoga therapist evaluates all areas of your life, in order to help you efficiently and offer you with long term solutions. The more elements of your everyday life are addressed, the greater the chance for real success.

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