Ayurveda for business


Ayurveda, translated as the science of life, is the oldest organized system of knowledge about healthcare and lifestyle.

According with Ayurveda, all people are influenced in different proportions by the same fundamental elemental-energies: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Why would this be important to know in a business environment? Because knowing what is your team "made of" will help you get the best possible results with & from your people.

If you take a closer look at the individuals you work with, for sure you will easily notice that, some of them are more enthusiastic than others, somebody is very efficient in the morning, while somebody else starts to "wake up" only in the afternoon, etc. When you know, who are you dealing with, you will be able to motivate and help each individual to do his/her best using exactly the kind of methods that really works for them. Happy & healthy employees make better results. It´ s a science based fact.

Ayurveda teaches us that, each of the five fundamental elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) is present in all of us, but each individual will predominately be influenced by a certain combination of air & ether, fire & water, earth & water. The elements that are predominant in our unique constitution will strongly impact the way we behave, work, make choices, feel motivated, recharge our "batteries", etc.

Vata-people are "made of" air and ether and they are the most mobile of all. They are also the most creative and open minded. Vata- person needs to move a lot, therefore asking him/her to work in a small, claustrophobic office will kill his/her creativity, enthusiasm and motivation. Keep also in mind that, a very strict set of rules might intimidate such a free spirit. Vata-type workers are amazing sources of new ideas. They will find always innovative ways to solve problems, to create new products, to reinvent things, as long as they are offered the freedom, understanding and support they need. However, in order to get the best results, Vata-people need somebody to contain and channel in the right direction their creative energy. Otherwise they might get drowned in their own sea of new ideas.
Vata-type employee is very active and creative, but he/she also gets tired quickly and tends to often let things unfinished. Such a person, in order to stay happy, healthy and productive, should take breaks quite often, relax in warm spaces, learn calming practices (like Yin Yoga, deep relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, etc.) and generally slow down and recharge periodically.

The second mind-body type is Pitta: people made to analyze, to improve, to elaborate, expand and develop. Pitta makes things happen. Pitta-people run projects in an organized and efficient manner. They have a very analytic, sharp and penetrative mind, that will see deep into details and will find ways to make things better, stronger, more valuable, more efficient, etc. If you don´ t have a Pitta in your team, you should get one, if you want to grow your business. However, in order for a Pitta-person to give you his/her best, you must inspire and impress them. Pitta are leaders by nature, they can´ t be controlled, but they can be "enchanted". If you manage to impress them, they will admire you, follow you and do everything for you to be proud of them.
Pitta mind is like a fire that brings light wherever they go, but that fire needs to be continuously fed with the right amount of challenges, in order to stay ON.
A Pitta-person will be quickly turned OFF, if he/she is bored or feels unappreciated. With a boss that is not inspiring enough or with a task that bores him/her, the Pitta-employee will most likely be soon angry and frustrated. To help a Pitta-type person make the best results, one needs to be familiar with the Flow-theory (the right balance between challenge-resources-interest) and use that in combination with well-being programs that cool down the Pitta-fire, without shutting it off. Good options are Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, outdoor activities in colder places.
Pitta people are motivated by material rewards, titles, status. If you can make happy a Vata-worker with tickets to a concert or dance lessons, for a Pitta to feel motivated, you need to make him/her a manager, a partner, or at least write his/her name in golden letters on the main door. Pitta needs to shine, in order to be happy. They are "made of fire", therefore not expressing admiration for their skills, not fueling their need to be in the light, would be a big mistake. They will soon be bored and/or frustrated and look somewhere else for new adventures.

The third personality type is Kapha. "Made of earth and water", this type is the team´ s cohesion factor. They are calm, balanced, emphatic and friendly. Kapha-people have a strong sense of responsibility and the highest endurance from all. The word  `resilience´  has most probably been invented to describe a Kapha-person. There is nothing and nobody able to stop a motivated Kapha-person, once they decide to do something. The challenge is to get them started.

If a Vata-type is always ready to start something new, but has almost never enough energy and/or patience to finish, a Pitta-person can always take over from Vata and transform those innovative ideas in something high-quality and real. But (!) Kapha -people are those that get things done until the last detail, no matter how much effort is required.

The challenge for Vata is a limited amount of energy and an always wandering mind. The challenge for Pitta-people is that, they get quickly bored and once their enthusiasm and curiosity is lost, their efficiency is lost too. With Kapha, the challenge is to get them started. However this challenge -their inertia- is also their secret power, because once started, a Kapha will keep going until things get done. They don´ t stop because something becomes boring, scary or difficult, they stop only when things are completely done. A Kapha-person is an inestimable treasure, because he/she will be there for you in good and difficult moments, in time of peace and in time of crisis, in your glorious days and in your moments of despair. Something like this can not even be payed with money and lucky you, you don´ t need to. Kapha-person will be happy with a warm hug, with a flexible working schedule, with a friendly working-environment. Be kind and you will be amazed!

Kapha-employees are those that keep the team united. They manage to help people communicate and work together, they keep things in balance and make sure that each task is accomplished. Kapha has the highest amount of energy, however would rather conserve it than use it, therefore they will always find ways to get things done with the minimum amount of energy/resources possible. Kapha needs well-being programs that makes her/him move faster and better - body & mind.

You need a Vata-employee in your team, for new, innovative ideas. You need a Pitta-person to analyze those ideas, eliminate the crazy ones and decide the right steps to be taken. And your Kapha-employee is the one that will help you choose the most profitable and lucrative strategy. Kapha would be most probably happier to rest, than to do the job, but if he/she decides to do something, then the job will be done well and completely. Kapha doesn´ t get tired, neither play dirty games, Kapha gets things done. However, in order for this employee to do her/his best, the employer must learn to keep him/her stimulated, active and happy. Kapha needs a friendly working environment and activating wellness programs. Good choices are Flow-yoga, dancing, volunteering in underdeveloped countries - once because Kapha-people love to help others and secondly because less comfort is good for them.

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