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Deeana is a well-being expert who combines years of experience in healing techniques, yoga, and heartfulness based practices to create and facilitate transformative experiences. She is an experienced yoga teacher with a passion for holistic well-being and with an equally strong interest in science based techniques. Her practice integrates the best of western health-science with ancient yogic wisdom, both on and off the mat. Through a progressive, results-driven, passion-fueled approach, she has taught individuals and numerous groups of students to foster a greater sense of harmony, wellness and growth. She has a very diverse and rich practice and is also involved in science based yoga projects. Her work places emphasis on building authentic well-being through mind-body practices. Deeana is deeply committed to using yoga as a tool to support healing and personal development.  She helps clients navigate life's complexities by addressing mindfully and heartfully every day issues and challenges. Deeana´  s special gift is making yogic wisdom relevant to daily life.

Deeana has studied with inspiring teachers from different traditions and cultures and believes in a functional approach to health - considering the whole person and addressing imbalances at their root. In addition to her yoga teaching practice Deeana is also a well-being coach, Ayurveda teacher and the developer of MindfulMovement- a method that brings together the benefits of Yoga, BrainGym and QiGong.

Deeana´ s dedication to both science based practices and ancient teachings offer a multi-dimensional and integrative approach to health, healing and movement. She constantly turns towards her academical education within the field of rehabilitation when it comes to thinking about the ways of teaching, practicing and understanding movement as a practice of health and well-being. She is happiest coaching and mentoring people that are ready to get things done and create their own destinies. Her work is not only science based, but also soulful and heartfelt.

Deeana´ s practice is focused on helping students cultivate a life of authenticity, presence, responsibility and intention. This practice aims to guide students into experiencing a deeper connection with themselves and exploring the consistent changes of life with wisdom and resilience. 

Deeana´ s services and offerings are a great place for those wanting to experience life-changing and joy-bringing practices. 



Yoga for Health - teacher training & therapeutic applications of yoga

Mental Health Aware Yoga - Teacher Training

Essential of Yoga Therapy I & II

Yoga Therapy Immersion

Yoga and Mindfulness by Yoga Medicine

The Emerging Field of Yoga Therapy - Treating Individuals, Not Conditions

Yoga Medicine´  s Guide to Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga, Healing and Transformation

Holistic Yoga Teacher Training 

Professional Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga, Meditation and Trauma

Stress Physiology and Yoga 

Yoga for Life: Breaking the Stress Cycle

Your Brain on Yoga: Ancient Yogic Wisdom in the Light of Modern Anatomy 

Enhancing Emotional Balance: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression 

Yoga & Body Awareness: Exploring the Physicality of Spirituality 

Optimal Aging: How Yoga Helps Keep Your Brain Healthy 

Yoga After 60+ - Do's and Don'ts for Practice and Teaching

Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Yin - Yang Fusion

Yoga for Children - Teacher Training

Yoga for Healthy Kids: How Can Yoga Benefit Kids

Pregnancy Yoga 

Prenatal Therapeutics

Prenatal Yoga Essentials for a Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

Yoga for Pelvic Floor Balance - Strengthen the Female Pelvic Floor

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor: Creating Strength, Suppleness, and Integration 

Yoga for Women's Health - Avoiding Common Post-Pregnancy Health Issues 

Yoga for Women's Health: Common Birth-Related Issues and How to Prevent or Relieve Them

Prenatal Therapeutics - creating strength and stability during pregnancy

Yoga for Functional Movement

Yoga, Body Sensing and Interoception: Keys to a Somatic Practice 

Embodied Yoga principles - Teacher training 

Healing Yoga: Health Giving Alignments

Accessible Yoga - Teacher Training  

Making Yoga Accessible to Every Body - Shifting the Focus from Pose to Function

Yoga for Autoimmune Disease 

Breath, Movement and Healing - Yoga for Cancer Survivors 

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Course for Yoga Teachers

Yoga for Kids with Autism - How Yoga Can Benefit the Neurodiverse Child 

Corporate Yoga Teacher Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Chair Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Yoga and Mindfulness 101 - A Course for Physicians and Healthcare Providers


Ayurveda Diploma

Ayurveda Specialist Certification

Psychology, Yoga and Ayurveda

Ayurveda and Yoga for Menopause

Daily Movement for Your Dosha

Ayurveda - yoga for the doshas

Understanding Agni: The Fire of Transformation 

Ayurveda Principles of Diet and Life Style

A Fountain of Youth: How Yoga and Ayurveda Facilitate Healthy Aging   

Yoga, Ayurveda & Lifestyle Medicine: The Amazing Healing Power of Daily Habits  

Therapy & Coaching

Occupational Therapy 

Mental Health First Aid Training 

Holobody Coaching by Manidvalley & Evercoach 

Strengthening the Expertise in Crisis and Trauma Work 

Positive Psychology

Happiness Life Coach Certification

The Science of Happiness

Neuroscience for Personal Development 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Compassion Based Techniques 

Practical Brain-Focused Strategies for Working With Depression

Programs on Treating Trauma and Fostering Post Traumatic Growth 

How to Work with the Traumatized Brain 

Expert Strategies for Working with Anxiety

TOIMIVA - Photography as a Therapy Tool

Visual Methods in Psychotherapy

Childhood Environmental Influences in Brain Development

Spiritual Hypnosis Practitioner Training

Neuroplasticity: Rewire Your Brain, Reset Your Life

Fostering Body Awareness: Keys to Health and Healing

Healing Addictive Tendencies: Empowering Whole-Person Healing

Complementary Therapies 




Healing Touch

Energy Medicine 

Other Wellness Modalities


Qi Gong for Health and Healing

Qi Gong for Yogies 

Radiant Lotus Qigong

Essential Motion

Alexander Technique

Somatic Exploration: Different Movement Modalities

Letting the Light In -The Role of Prana in Health and Healing

And a lot more....

Above, just a few steps from a journey that started over 20 years ago.

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